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Welcome to Australia’s first indoor saltwater aquaculture farm.

Marine Garden is a prototype, the first of its kind designed to demonstrate how to create a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly prawn farming enterprise using recirculating aquaculture systems that can be implemented in non-coastal settings.

Located more than 100km from the coast in regional Esk, founder Martin Zhang has utilised his extensive experience and knowledge of traditional aquatic filtration systems to develop a unique venture that has the potential to produce higher yield prawn harvests in a more sustainable setting.

As part of this innovative enterprise, Marine Garden have proposed a model that can effectively deal with the waste product from such a traditional farming set up. Through the specialised filtration system, they have the ability to use the minimal waste as a nutrient-dense fertiliser (ideal for crop farming) while the remaining filtered ocean water can then be fed back into the aquaculture process to create an efficient recirculated system.

There are a number of key issues that Marine Garden have managed to address in their recirculating aquaculture system including:

Producing higher yield Black Tiger prawn harvests

Through their initial trials, Marine Garden can produce high yield harvests of the Black Tiger prawns due to their advanced filtration system set up. Where traditional systems may be able to host up to 30 prawns per square metre, the indoor ponds at Marine Garden can hold up to 10 times this amount. Limitations on harvesting once per year have been removed with this set up, with harvests expected to occur up to 3 times in the same timeframe.


Alternative (non-coastal) locations for aquaculture farms

Marine Garden have been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of creating an aquaculture system more than 100kms from the coast. The indoor pond system can efficiently recycle and filter the original seawater with no direct access to the coast required for the ongoing operations. This is potentially an attractive opportunity for regions who may not normally have access to quality seafood.


Solutions for waste products

The specialised filtration systems employed by Marine Garden have been developed by world leader, Reef Octopus, which enables the team to effectively remove the solid by-products and return the filtered ocean water back into the system with minimal loss. Studies will be conducted by James Cook University to analyse the quality of the prawn product within this system.


Creating minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems

Where traditional prawn farm set ups have limited options for disposal of waste produced by the crop, Marine Garden is able to recirculate the ocean water continuously with no discharge to the surrounding ecosystems. Trials are underway to the use of the diluted waste sediment as a fertiliser for use in onsite agricultural crops including fruit trees and vegetables. To explore the benefits further, Marine Garden has engaged the University of Southern Queensland to undertake research in the viability of this potential by-product.


Creating more sustainable aquaculture farming practices

The concept behind Marine Garden was developed from the desire to create more sustainable aquaculture farming practices that can be replicated in other locations. By recycling and reusing the original ocean water there is minimal need to have ongoing supply located close to site. The by products can be utilised as fertiliser and the enterprise’s essential electricity requirements are offset utilising solar panels which creates a self-sufficient farming enterprise.

Driven by passion, deep concern about food sustainability and the team’s ability to turn an idea into a viable business model, Marine Garden was established to make the impossible, possible.

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Black Tiger Prawn
Farming Inland

  • We truck salt water from the ocean
  • Zero discharge
  • Zero water exchange
  • Highly intensive
  • Four seasons
  • Full Control

First demonstration in Australia

Inland High-intensive Black Tiger Prawn Farm with zero water change and zero impact on nature.

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55 O’Grady Road Redbank Creek QLD 4312


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