Marine Garden has a vision to create a new enterprise model with the intention of sharing the knowledge in the hope to bring global change to the food industry.

Founder of Marine Garden, Martin Zhang is no stranger to aquarium systems thanks to his original enterprise, Reef Octopus, one of largest manufacturer of protein skimmers. Utilising this knowledge and combined with his desire to create a better way to farm sustainably, Zhang has relocated to Australia to trial a new aquaculture system which is set to revolutionise the seafood industry.

Michael Zhang joined the team as the Business Development Executive to commence relationship building with research partners and potential investors, demonstrating the viability of Marine Garden and the scalable options. With his tertiary qualifications in Business Development & Entrepreneurship from Torrens University, Zhang brings a unique perspective to the business realising the potential for further applications.

Former builder, David Reynolds stepped on board as Project Manager to oversee the day to day running of the enterprise. With his extensive experience in construction, Reynolds’ knowledge of regulations & practical applications has been vital in the development of the Marine Garden site.

Allen Ferness became involved with Marine Garden as an interested local who has since taken on the role of Farming Technician. With 6 feedings daily, the prawns need tending to often and there’s always something to do at the farm.